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Project Lifesaver

Project lifesavers is a project of the Tranquil Educational Foundation designed to reach out to students and young adults in communities across Nigeria. As a nation, we are endowed with immense natural and human resources as well as great cultural, social, and economic diversity. Tranquil Educational Foundation concluded that development can only be achieved by […]

Smart think Challenge

This is an infield human resource based initiative of Tranquil Educational Foundation designed in a great way to support youth development. Smart think Challenge is a series of independent, voluntary individual events providing opportunities for young people to grow and develop in a positive and healthy way while experiencing a wide range of sporting and […]

Adopt a School/Student Program

This initiative is driven by the need to improve teaching-learning amongst locals. The Tranquil Educational Foundation (TEF) is charged with a self-imposed responsibility to empower local schools with modern facilities and gadgets, thereby encouraging healthy rivalry amongst schools and colleges in various communities. As part of our objectives, TEF will be providing and helping teachers […]

Community Awareness, Sensitization and Intervention

The Tranquil Educational Foundation has as part of its main focus, community awareness, sensitization, and intervention. This is carried out via a whole systematic approach; * Building Bridges: TEF makes use of all available channels in communicating with locals. This involves working with translators (linguists), social aid workers, and community leads. This ensures we are […]