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It is a proven fact that 9 in 10 Nigerians lack basic first aid skills, and also about 60% of deaths could have been prevented with first aid.

The Tranquil Educational Foundation, having carried out an understudy on various subject matters ranging from human resource management to emergency healthcare/safety, came up with evidence-based strategies on how to fight against the ills and various risk factors that eventuate in death.

Tranquil Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed generally to human development. We can join hands together to build a sustainable environment for all.

Just as our name states (“Tranquil”), we believe we are obliged to maintain that calmness and serenity.

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Working globally to equip the next generation with the Skills they need.

Our Story

The Tranquil Educational Foundation was founded in 2018 with core objectives centred on improving human resource management and emergency healthcare services.

The Tranquil Educational Foundation has been active in localities and schools in Nigeria, partnering with recognized figures in the NGO space. TEF looks to continue working with anyone/everyone who’s committed to aid our cause. Also, the TEF donates equipments and facilities to schools and communities to aid learning. This forms a major part of our Adopt a school programme.

We provide emergency healthcare training for all age brackets; this further strengthens our resolve on improving first aid response and training caregivers at all levels.

“Our Story” can become “your story”, and together we can make exploits.